We’ve Made it Easy

Disposing of all kinds of trash is rather easy and stress-free process with our company. We cover the whole area of Wyoming, and our service is available 24/7. With dumpsters designed for residential rental, industrial waste or any other form of trash disposal, we are capable of responding to all sorts of customer’s requirements in no time.

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What we do

Wyoming, Michigan is a home of almost 80 000 citizens and consequentially waste disposal industry is advanced and competition tough. Our dumpster rental company is among top companies providing waste disposal to residents and local industry. Here’s a brief overview of the most important services we offer.

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Residential Dumpster Rental

Quite often, residents of Wyoming ask for our service of residential dumpster rental when we provide them various types of roll-off containers. Whether it’s due to home remodeling, backyard renovations or need to get rid of some larger junk items, our team offers flexible dumpsters of various sizes designed for various waste material. Our service is always punctual and prompt, and we are available for emergency cases too.

Construction Dumpster Rental

Disposal of construction waste is a complex task often requiring comprehensive equipment. Whether you are building a house, commercial premises, renovating buildings or working on any other construction project, our company will assist with trash disposal services. We provide as many as needed dumpsters and trash containers specially designed for construction material. We, also, provide pick up dumpsters and sorting the junk for the recycling process. 

Recycling Services

Since our company is striving to meet high standards of eco-friendly business in the waste disposal industry, we provide services of sorting the trash out and recycling various materials. There’s a long list of the materials we recycle, and some of the most common include cardboard and boxes, glass, metal, paper and plastic.

Why choose Us 

When it comes to dumpster rentals in Wyoming, the competition is tough. It takes true commitment and high standards of quality service to beat other companies and keep customers coming back. With a professional approach, reliable and affordable service, responsible and well-trained workforce and the latest equipment available, our company gained an excellent reputation among clients and kept proving it.

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 What Customers Say About Us


“I own a construction company that builds various commercial facilities and buildings. We, also, provide building demolition and remodeling. Every time we get involved with a new project, we are glad to partner with this waste disposal service. This company is easy to work with, they provide high-quality service of waste disposal and are fully equipped to assist in industry and construction waste disposal.”

Jim Dangerfield

“Few times a year, my family throws a thorough cleaning and renovation of our home and garage. A lot of junk gets collected and requires proper disposal. We discovered this dumpster rental company last year and had been hiring them ever since. We rent the smallest container that fits our needs, and their service is always highly professional and cost-effective.”

Annabel A. Donegan


“I bought a new house recently, but it required some remodeling and renovation. At some point of the process, I’ve realized I’m going to need professional help for waste disposal. A friend recommended this dumpster rental service, and they were a great help. I rented one larger residential dumpster and got fast and quality service. Their technicians are pleasant to work with, and I was particularly satisfied with recycling service they offer.”

Matthew L. Williams


Dumpster Types & Sizes    

Depending on the amount of trash you want to get rid of and the material to dispose of, our company provides a large choice of roll-off dumpsters and containers for residents and local industry.

The smallest dumpster we offer is a 10-yard container, designed for occasional disposal of relatively small amounts of trash. This is a great solution for a weekend house or garage cleaning. The 20-yard dumpster is quite a popular size, adequate for various mid-sized projects, such as residential construction projects, remodeling of the backyard or smaller industrial projects. 30 yard and 40-yard dumpsters are designed for larger projects, commercial jobs, roofing, building demolition, advanced renovations and all similar projects resulting in significant amount of various waste.

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