Dumpster Rental Or Junk Removal Service?

There are various everyday situations when you might get overloaded with waste that needs to be disposed properly, but your average trash bins are not enough. These situations include thorough cleaning of house or garage, remodeling or renovating home or backyard, roofing, new construction in your residential property or commercial building and many more. Either way, when a large amount of junk needs to be disposed, the best is to handle it to professionals. There are many services and companies in Wyoming dealing with trash disposing and most of them provide two options: dumpster rental and junk removal service. Here’s a brief overview of both options, so you get the right picture and choose the optimal for your project.

Optimal use for each option

Renting a dumpster is useful for any project involving amount of junk you can load up on your own. Dumpsters sizes vary between 10 and 40 yard and the companies usually rent them for seven to ten days. But if you are not capable of filling the dumpster on your own, if you don’t have a place to have it standing there for seven days or if your junk includes some specific materials and large items, you should go for junk removal option and let professional teams clear and dispose it on behalf of you.

Compare the prices

The overall costs of dumpster rental vary significantly depending on many aspects, such as size of the dumpster, weight of the junk, location of your house, the rental period and occasionally some specific licenses required for the process. On the other hand, junk removal service requires a minimum charge and the total price represents this minimum fee plus additional charging depending on the size and complexity of the job, the amount of the junk and several other aspects. If not sure which option to choose, ask the rental company to estimate the costs of your project for both options and compare the prices.

Rent a dumpster when…

If you can load the dumpster on your own and you have at least 8 cubic yards to dispose into the smallest dumpster size. Renting a dumpster, also, gives you free period of 7 to 10 days to complete the process with no rush.

Go for junk removal service when…

If you have the amount of junk smaller than the smallest dumpster and you want it disposed within the same day by professional technicians, junk removal service is better and cheaper option than renting a dumpster.